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--- Out of Outrage ---


Perfectly normal…but we can’t say that.

The tank is just so big.

My outrage tank I mean.

Doesn’t hold an infinite supply.

Once it’s empty, I’m done.

Can’t keep up my indignation.

And I’ve almost burned the entire tankful.

On stuff like child abuse, abortion and tyranny.

All I have left for stuff like this

…is mockery.

To the people of Nebraska:

you’ll have to supply your own outrage.

I can only offer a little satirical contempt.

In case you don’t like to read linked articles,

a middle school in Lincoln has mandated that teachers

respect the children’s self-identified genders.

It will help make the difficult task of education

…completely impossible.

Will the teachers model this inclusiveness?

“Good morning class! My name is Mx. Jones.”

“But you may call me The Enlightener.”

Avoiding the “one size fits all” mentality

…with the notion, “there is no such thing as size at all”.

What’s in a ‘gender inclusive’ text book?

The Biology chapter on human sexuality must be a wealth of vagueness .

“These organs have been discovered in some humans, but not all.  Primitive cultures once believed the presence of certain body parts determined a person’s gender. We know now that gender identification is complicated. Scientists must determine sex by asking people how they feel.”

Farming is gonna be tough.

Can’t just look under animals to figure out which ones get milked.

We’ll need animal psychiatrists to make those determinations.

….until farm animals evolve enough to speak for themselves.

And how does the bathroom situation work?

The self-identified girl who won’t go potty because there are “boys in there”

…deserves a trip to the principal’s office.

‘She’ should learn to ignore the differences in others.

But since it’s inappropriate to label anything as ‘normal’

(Read the article. It says that…)

Students shouldn’t be forced to even use the restrooms.

If it’s right for you, take a leak in your locker!

Boy, Girl, Both, Neither, Locker Leaker,

…they’re all valid genders.

So to the Superintendent of Lincoln Nebraska Schools:

I want to suggest another gender catagory: