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How I Think I Am

I’m coming out as an astronaut.

I feel all astronaut-ish in my heart.

Lust for space travel overwhelms me.

The shiny suits.

The helmets.

Zero gravity!

I’m an astronaut.

So liberating to admit it.

I’m an astronaut

…who’s never been to space.

Back in the dark ages, this wouldn’t have made sense.

“Astronauts have to go into space.”

That’s what our ancestors said.

So narrow.

Culture is more evolved now.

More inclusive.

It’s possible to be gay without doing gay things.

This could never happen in the past.

Used to be that homosexuality required same sex relations.

Not anymore.

Now we applaud the bravery of anyone who admits that they just ‘feel gay’.

And that’s fine with me.

Because I can realize my dream of being an astronaut.

Without all that dangerous stuff.

And a few hours watching A & E last week has helped me realize

…I’m also a crab fisherman.