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The Infinity

The Infinity (Photo credit: creativecaos86)



It’s not what a puppy calls its mother.

It’s religious doctrine that’s held without proof.

For example, the belief that there is no God.


It’s not government by your relatives.

It’s dogma.

The belief that morality changes relative to circumstances.

For example, it’s okay to loot a store if you’re a hurricane victim.

… or you need to make a statement about the evils of corporate profit.

…or you just need something that you can’t afford to buy because of hard times.

 These two dogmas (relativism and atheism) are inescapably linked.

But most people who hold one, refuse to admit the other.

That would present a problem except for the magical powers that dogma grants.

When you have an unfounded idea that you want to offer as actual ‘thought’…

 …dogma is very useful.

 It’s loud and emotional.

 Passion is a powerful substitute for reason.

 Dogma frees you from the tiresome task of supporting your claims.

 So you can concentrate on name calling.

…or looting.

So whether you’re a raging, clueless, creationist…

or a wild-eyed, atheist zealot

Embrace dogma as an old friend.

Because in the world of ideas…

It’s the only friend you have.


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